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Whether you need the perfect paper for a love letter, compelling correspondence cards for your business, a card for an old friend, or a sincere thank you note, Tabula Rasa Social Stationers provides the largest selection of fine stationery. Attentive professionals are available to guide you in making the perfect choice, designing custom stationery, and creating in-house invitations for all occasions. 

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To invite loved ones to celebrate everyday occasions, Tabula Rasa offers boxed and in-house invitations, offering custom designs and quality stock for smaller gatherings. There are playful themes and elegant options for all manner of invitations. Our in-house printing allows for quick turn-around times.

The love of fine paper is evident in our vast selection of leather journals and stunning notebooks. We carry an extensive collection with all manners of decoration, perfect for your big ideas, favorite journal, or compilation of thoughts.

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