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Tabula Rasa Social Stationers has the reputation of being "The place to find the perfect gift," and deservedly so. You will delight in discovering the beautiful, the unique, and the rarified. Explore hand-painted porcelain, Italian marquetry frames, cloisonné vases, and so many other one-of-a-kind luxuries.

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Dori Bolen has developed her own approach to Découpure, combining modern technology with the time-honored process of alchemy. She takes pride in translating innovative ideas through art, pushing the boundaries of artistic process to achieve amazing and beautiful results. Between Scotland and her New Mexico studio, she devotes time to both inspiration and meticulous craftsmanship. We are proud to carry her one-of-a-kind treasures here at Tabula Rasa.


Wendy has an incredible sense of style and applies that to her collage art. Each piece is inimitable, highlighting personality and character in colorful scenes that are sure to capture attention and create smiles. You can find her creations in the form of finials, trays, and stationery holders. In simpatico with Tabula Rasa, Wendy also finds herself immersed in fine stationery near her California studio.

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