The invitation is extended to slow down and savor the most luxurious fragrances and toiletries from around the world. Find yourself lingering amongst soaps and crèmes from Italy, France, Spain, and beyond. Indeed, here you can experience all of Europe's finest fragranced candles, bath salts, oils, and exquisite perfumes.

From Italy's oldest pharmacia, we bring you Santa Maria di Novella. The simple sophistication of fragrant terra cotta urns and perfumed sachets in classical fragrances complement exquisite colognes and perfumes hand-crafted in Florence, perpetuating the artisanal procedures and merit of exquisite materials for over 400 years.

Since 1730, Floris has been the British Isle's most exemplary perfumer. From a simple merchant of combs, fragrances, and shaving supplies in London's St. James Quarter, to receiving their first Royal Warrant in 1820, Floris has collected prestigious accolades over the centuries. Throughout their history, Floris has won the favor of distinguished individuals such as Mary Shelley, Winston Churchill, and Marilyn Monroe. We invite you to come experience and find your favourite Floris fragrance today.



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